Installing MyMedia For Alexa on Centos / MyMedia For Alexa auf Centos installieren

Some German first: Was Alexa definitiv fehlt, ist die eigene Musik-Bibliothek abspielen. Wer allerdings mit der Amazon-Bibliothek oder mit Prime Music Erfahrung hat, weiß, dass das nur wenn man viel Humor hat und auf Aussprache-Übungen steht ein Spaß ist. MyMediaAlexa löst auf jeden Fall das erste Problem: Es erlaubt, die eigenen mp3s mit Alexa abzuspielen. Dazu braucht man einen Server, der auf die Musik Zugriff hat, einen Alexa-Lautsprecher, die Bereitschaft 5$ Jahresgebühr zu zahlen und Geduld, weil der deutsche Alexa-Skill noch nicht veröffentlicht ist (aber im Beta-Test, das kann ich sagen).

Now back to English: If your home server is 64 bit Ubuntu, Debian or Arm-based, you can go to their homepage and download the installation package and do whatever you folks do with them. If you are rpm-based like me on Centos, it is a little bit more involved to get the MyMediaForAlexa-server up and running. Download the Debian-package, deb-files are simple archives, so ar -x mymedia_1.3.58.0-1_amd64.deb will extract it. Relevant is only data.tar.xz which a tar -xf data.tar.xz boldly extracts. Now, cd to opt/mymedia, create a directory /opt/mymedia and move and MyMediaForAlexa from the first to the second path (Note: The path is hardcoded, nowhere else it will work). Then edit the file mymedia.service.template and replace USERTEMPLATE with the user the service should run under. I’ve choosen root, but this may be a suboptimal solution. Then copy the file to /usr/lib/systemd/system as mymedia.service. Some house-keeping: systemctl daemon-reload; systemctl enable mymedia; systemctl start mymedia. Direct your browser to http://localhost:52051 (or the IP of your server if it is headless; you may need to tunnel via putty and ssh to your server, I’m not sure if it is necessary, but I’ve done it this way). Now you should be able to connect your Amazon account to MyMedia. At this point I had on Windows as well as on Linux an error “no internet connection”, killing and restarting the service resolved this.

Some hints: If there are problems, the error messages on the console offer from time to time to download logs. This is most helpful, look there if you have issues. As shortcut, direct your browser to http://localhost:52051/logs to download them directly. If your music is on a samba share visible to your windows server, you have to first connect the share with MyMediaForAlexa even if there is already a drive connected.

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